The earth needs a good lawyer, and for 50 years Earthjustice has fought in court to defend our public lands, wildlife, climate, and public health. We learned along the way to complement our courtroom work with work on Capitol Hill to defend our wins and extend the power of our laws. But while many elected representatives listen to us, the people they listen to most are their constituents. That’s why we created Earthjustice Action. 

Earthjustice Action is a 501(c)(4) non-tax-deductible nonprofit that allows us to devote additional resources to the grassroots environmental lobbying that is so urgently needed to defend and strengthen our environmental protections and hold our elected leaders accountable. 

Through affirmative measures such as generating constituent phone calls, running advocacy advertising, and amplifying the voices of those affected by environmental degradation, Earthjustice Action is critical to bringing about political change — change that is vital for tackling the intertwining challenges of the climate crisis, biodiversity collapse, and environmental racism.