We are Earthjustice Action

We exist to combat the Trump administration and its dirty energy-funded Congressional allies’ all-out assault on crucial environmental and public health protections.


Earthjustice Action’s work seeks to overcome attacks on the bedrock environmental laws that preserve communities and ecosystems — and to fight for policies that prioritize justice for the people and the planet we inhabit.

We’re protecting environmental laws.

The Endangered Species Act. The Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. The National Environmental Policy Act.

All of these laws were enacted to ensure that the people had a say in decisions affecting their health and environment.

In recent years, however, fueled by hundreds of millions of dollars in dark money-financed campaign spending and lobbying from dirty energy special interests, some lawmakers have started working to destroy these foundations of environmental protection.

That was before President Trump took office in 2017.

Today, the situation is even worse.

From Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke, to Andrew Wheeler and David Bernhardt, President Trump’s administration has featured a rotating cast of characters plucked straight from the halls of industry lobbying groups and thrust directly into the highest levels of government. They’re walking conflicts of interest who hold their jobs for one reason and one reason only: to dismantle environmental safeguards for the benefit of polluting industry.

Meanwhile, Trump’s allies in the U.S. Senate are confirming judicial nominees at a rapid rate, ensuring that those who represent the public interest will have limited — if any — capacity to challenge the administration.

We’re defending the Earth and its people.

We fight in Congress to stop these attacks and preserve access to the courts for all — especially those who stand for social justice and our environment.

Earthjustice Action is defending our environment and communities against a litany of attacks by bringing grassroots pressure to bear on those who we seek to influence, by phone banking, running advocacy advertising, and bringing the real-world voices of those affected by environmental degradation and climate change to Washington, D.C., for advocacy efforts.

We need your help.

Consider a gift to Earthjustice Action, and lend your name as a founding funder today. Find us at WeAre@earthjusticeaction.org.

Earthjustice Action is a 501(c)(4) organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Service. Gifts to Earthjustice Action are not deductible for income tax purposes.

Earthjustice Action is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to supporting the work of Earthjustice's 501(c)(3) efforts on behalf of our environment and people.

Earthjustice Action does not endorse candidates for elected office.