Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy explains Earthjustice Action’s use of cookies and similar technologies when you visit our website, (the “Site”). It provides you with information about how and when we use cookies on the Site, as well as how to control our use of them. When you first visit our Site, you will be asked to consent to the use of cookies.

If you do not want to use cookies, you may disable their use in your browser. Disabling cookies may affect your experience of the Site. You may also choose to delete cookies after you complete your Site visit.

What are cookies, and why do we use them?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device, through your browser, by the websites that you visit. These text files can be read by these websites, through the browser, and help to identify you when you return to a website. Cookies do not run programs or deliver viruses to your computer.

Some cookies are set by Earthjustice Action, and some are set by third parties. The cookies that third parties set can recognize the device you use to visit our Site as well as when you visit other websites. Cookies are used to make the Site work properly, help make the user experience more efficient, and to track metrics to help us improve our Site and the information we provide.

What cookies are set on Earthjustice Action’s Site?

Most of the cookies set during your visit to the Site come from third-party companies that we use to monitor and improve the user’s experience. We also set a small number of cookies to ensure the website platform functions properly and securely. Cookies fall into the following categories:

  • Necessary Cookies: There are cookies that are essential to use the Site, like securely authenticating users when they log into the Site or when a donation is made online to support our work.
  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies help us create a better user experience by enabling personalization and engagement, such as displaying certain popup notifications one-time only. See the below Social Media Plug-Ins section for more information about similar technologies used for this purpose.
  • Analytics/Performance Cookies: These cookies allow us to monitor our Site’s performance. We use them to understand how people use our Site so that we can continue to improve the Site and your experience when you visit.
  • Third-Party Cookies: These cookies are set by external services, such as YouTube, when you visit a page on our Site containing a video or other resource embedded from that third-party service

How can I disable or delete cookies?

You can control cookies and other types of automatic data collection and storage through your browser and/or mobile device settings. Please check your software or device manufacturer’s instructions to learn more about your options.

Learn how to disable or enable cookies for Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxApple Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge.

What other similar technologies do we use?

  • Social Media Plug-Ins: To enable people to share our content across social platforms, we may sometimes include social media plug-ins for Facebook© and Twitter©. When you browse a page with a plug-in, it will connect with the social network platform and send information, including which pages you viewed, length of visit, and so forth. If you have an account with one of those social networks, this information can be stored in your account. Earthjustice Action does not have direct access to information stored in your social media account.
  • Google Analytics©: These services are provided by Google, Inc., and require a cookie to run. The information generated by this cookie (including your truncated IP address) is transmitted and stored by Google on its servers located in the United States. It allows, in aggregate, us to monitor which Site pages are visited, what types of devices are used, how long people stay on the Site, what part of the country people visit the Site from, and so forth. Because Google only receives the truncated IP address, it can approximately identify your country and state location, but it cannot identify you, your computer or mobile device, individually. Learn how you can opt-out of Google Analytics.
  • Tracking Pixels: On our Site, we may use a limited number of “tracking pixels” — small snippets of code — from third-party services such as Facebook and Google to help us learn about and improve your digital experience. These services collect information from your visit to our Site, such as the pages you were interested in or the search keywords used to reach our Site. We may use this technology to better understand how visitors respond to our social media posts and ad campaigns, to learn about common interests among our visitors, and to display relevant advertisements through these third-party services to you or audiences with similar interests. We may also use these third-party tracking pixels for the purposes of retargeting (also called “remarketing”). In retargeting, we reach out to you on other websites you visit by displaying personalized advertisements about our work, based on data collected during your visits to our Site.To block website tracking pixels, you can use the Mozilla Firefox browser (on desktop or on Android mobile devices), which blocks tracking content by default. Browser add-ons, such as Privacy Badger from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and other ad-blockers also can be used to customize the trackers you choose to decline or accept. You can specifically opt-out of Google’s cookies and device identifiers through Google’s Ads Settings.In emails, we include a tiny image that serves as a tracking pixel. This image lets us know whether or not you opened the email. You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time by contacting us by mail, phone, or email:

    Earthjustice Action

    1001 G Street, NW, Suite 1000
    Washington, DC 20001

For more detailed information about the data Earthjustice Action collects and how we use it, please refer to our Privacy Policy.