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Defending and Strengthening Environmental Laws

Earthjustice Action was created in 2017 when the most anti-environment Congress in history was matched with an equally hostile Trump administration. Despite having minimal infrastructure at the time, Earthjustice Action greatly expanded Earthjustice’s political power by practically doubling the amount of grassroots lobbying (i.e., mobilizing constituents and the public) that the organizations together conducted to defend our laws during that dangerous time. When the 115th Congress ended in January 2019, essentially all of our core environmental laws were intact—a successful outcome few thought possible in the wake of the 2016 elections.

Since 2017, Earthjustice Action has continued to take on critical fights in Congress like catalyzing bipartisan support for regulation of the toxic "forever" chemicals known as PFAS, passing House legislation to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Grand Canyon, and stopping the passage of multiple bills aimed at weakening protections for wolves and other endangered species.

Our “founding mission”—to protect the bedrock environmental laws that Earthjustice litigators depend on to win in the courts—remains a key part of Earthjustice Action’s work today, as we pursue even stronger safeguards that leave no community behind. Thanks to our affiliation with Earthjustice, Earthjustice Action brings to this work the strength of Earthjustice’s partnerships and a special ability to help connect the people most impacted by environmental harms with their elected leaders.


number of constituents in key districts and states Earthjustice Action reached in 2021 with campaigns to support key legislation and judicial nominations.


number of constituents in key districts and states who Earthjustice Action connected directly to their Members of Congress in 2021 to help us lobby on our priority issues.

Campaigns for this Focus Area

Deb Haaland and Michael Regan

Earthjustice Action Ad Campaign Thanks U.S. Senators for Supporting Biden Nominees Deb Haaland for Secretary of the Interior and Michael Regan for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

On March 11, Earthjustice Action launched a digital ad campaign in two states to thank key U.S. Senators for supporting President Biden’s nominee for Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, and Biden’s nominee for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan. …

Environmental Protections
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Environmental laws are only as strong as the judges who uphold them.

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