A Celebration of 2023 Judicial Confirmations and a Hopeful Outlook in 2024

Photo by: Nick Wolf | Earthjustice Action Blog by: Geoffrey Nolan | Earthjustice Action When President Biden first took office, he pledged to prioritize the nomination and confirmation of fair-minded, highly qualified judges to the federal judiciary. During the Trump Administration, the Republican-controlled Senate confirmed a record number of judges for lifetime appointments on the…

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It’s Time for an Ethics Code for the Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court building also known as The Marble Palace in Washington, DC.

Photo by: Nick Wolf | Earthjustice Action Blog by: Geoff Nolan | Earthjustice Action It’s another day and another ethics scandal for the United States Supreme Court. Recently, ProPublica published a bombshell report detailing the ethical lapses of another justice sitting on the bench of our nation’s highest court. This time, Justice Samuel Alito failed…

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100 Days of Environmental Attacks Under the Republican-Controlled Congress

By: Geoffrey Nolan After 100 days of controlling the U.S. House of Representatives, House Republicans haven’t been shy about showing their cards. Whether it was Speaker Kevin McCarthy caving to a list of demands from the radical right to become Speaker of the House, or the seemingly endless investigations into Hunter Biden, social media companies,…

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