The Democratic Senate majority has passed important climate legislation and confirmed judges who will uphold our environmental laws.

If Republicans regain power, they will block our progress on climate change and back judges who favor big corporations.

Let’s vote in senators who will protect our environment and our families. Make sure your vote counts!

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Vote In-person on November 8

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Learn what to bring with you to vote.

Vote Absentee By Mail

Already requested your ballot-by-mail? Your ballot must be received by 7:00pm on November 8, 2022. We strongly recommend returning your ballot by hand at any ballot drop-box, drop-off location, early voting location, or Election Day voting location to ensure it is received on time. Find all voting and drop off locations on your county’s website.

You can also vote in person on Election Day. Find your polling location here.

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