The Democratic Senate majority has passed important climate legislation and confirmed judges who will uphold our environmental laws.

If Republicans regain power, they will block our progress on climate change and back judges who favor big corporations.

Let’s vote in senators who will protect our environment and our families.

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Want clean air and drinkable water? Federal judges are the key.

Here in the United States, we have laws to protect our air, water, and precious public lands. They keep us–and our environment–safe. Our environmental laws, including the Clean Water Act, allow us to hold polluters accountable in court. But those laws are only as strong as the judges who uphold them. And when reckless, polluting companies put people at risk and harm our communities, we need judges who will uphold our laws and force these polluters to pay for their actions.

The Senate decides who our federal judges are

Federal judges are confirmed by the Senate. That’s why we need to vote in senators who will support judges committed to enforcing the laws that protect our families—not just wealthy and powerful corporations.

Republican-backed judges are already undermining our rights

A Republican-appointed bloc of Supreme Court justices is already imposing their own extreme agenda on all of us. They’re stripping our fundamental rights; undermining our democracy; and severely limiting our ability to fight climate change–putting our children’s future in grave danger.

Democrats are fighting for our planet

The Democratic Senate majority has been working fast to undo the damage caused by Republican-appointed judges. They are passing important climate legislation and confirming judges who will uphold our environmental laws and put people over polluters. That's why we must vote in Democratic senators who will continue to protect our environment.

Republicans will stack the courts further if they take power

If Mitch McConnell and his Republicans take control of the Senate, they will block our progress—again. They'll prevent us from passing climate change laws and block judges who believe in holding corporations accountable. Instead, they'll back judges who favor the interests of the wealthy and powerful.

Your vote for U.S. Senate could make the difference.

Who we elect to the U.S. Senate in 2022 will have the power to confirm federal judges. And those judges will decide whether we protect our environment, hold polluters accountable, and work to halt climate change—or let the wealthy and big corporations threaten our air, water, and planet.

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