What We Do

Earthjustice Action is a vital partner in helping achieve Earthjustice’s top priority legislative goals.  We will take on the most important congressional fights and use the latest in communication and mobilization tactics to win them.  Here are some key areas we are focused on for 2021:

  • Earthjustice Action is working to get strong pro-environmental leaders confirmed in top Administrative posts. We need strong leaders to tackle the most challenging problems facing our nation and the world. 
  • Earthjustice Action is fighting for policies and funding that directly benefit and prioritize those communities that have suffered environmental injustice for decades.  We are working to secure key legislative wins for clean air, safe drinking water, clean energy, emissions reductions and the clean-up of legacy pollution.  We are fighting for a climate-smart, clean energy future that leaves no community behind and instead invests in communities long underserved.
  • Earthjustice Action is fighting to rebalance the federal judiciary by getting fair-minded and diverse judges nominated by the Biden Administration and confirmed in the U.S. Senate.  The Biden Administration must prioritize judicial nominees who are racially and ethnically diverse, have a diversity of experience, such as public interest and environmental expertise, and have a strong level of scientific literacy, including on established scientific facts such as human-caused climate change.